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They illegal smuggled in barrels and lockplates from France when they could, melted down tools when they couldn't, and armed a serious fighting force with guns they made (without any governmental permission slips from the Crown).

So good try, but history is clear on this.

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@GonzoRx @jiucrypto "NumberGoUp" and "Savings Technology" memes. Lack of emphasis on privacy from app developers, outright hostility to privacy tech from Core developers. Very weak culture. FWIW Monero seems to be following this same path, I hope they can stem the tide.

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Giving miners activation power is the whole point of a soft fork. If you don’t want that just use a hard fork. The objective of the former vs. latter is avoidance of a chain split, which user activation does not accomplish. twitter.com/francispouliot_/st

Freedom is the right to do what you damn well please and to take the consequences for it.

If you think freedom is only about saving and not spending, you’re only understanding the tribulations of those in a position of privilege.
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Freedom is the right to save your money and not be forced to invest it into a rigged game controlled by suits.

Gentleman with heavy bags requests you not to sell or engage in censorship resistance so he can keep his share price high at Ms Yellen's permission.

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is for saving, not for spending. @RussellOkung and I agree on this point & would like to respectfully submit to @JanetYellen that the primary use case of bitcoin is to preserve the life savings of the people so they can achieve their hopes & aspir…

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💵💵💵💵💵18,500,000 (18,500,000 USD) minted at Tether Treasury

Tx: whale-alert.io/transaction/tro

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When did "Fuck you money" become "Amen Money" ? Heaven can wait.

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"We do not live in a revolutionary time. People are not prepared to contest power." - Edward Snowden

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If you own usewhirlpool.com can you slide into my DM's? I need you to change the redirect.

Pretty please.

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1/ As a followup (and hopefully final comment on this mess) I've put down more of my thoughts into a more cohesive format - a new blog post:

sethsimmons.me/posts/why-i-won twitter.com/sethisimmons/statu

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1/ Yes, bull runs are fun, but a rising price also highlights the importance of keeping your financial life private. In this article, @matt_odell and I highlight some of the privacy best practices in .


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New video published on Youtube. How to make an automated Stowaway transaction using your Samourai Wallet


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@WalletScrutiny @maxtannahill @Ziya_Sadr @ddadybayo @ElectrumWallet @bithernet @bluewalletio @EdgeWallet @BRDHQ @UnstoppableByHS @Trezor @Ledger @COLDCARDwallet @SamouraiWallet In Android programming, using certain features will net you a non-reproducible build when publishing on the Google Play store.

Other programs have the same issue on Google Play.

None of these issues exist on FDroid.

You are maliciously attributing issues with Google Play to SW

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The ISD is Singapore’s domestic intelligence agency that has the power to arrest and detain people without trial under the Internal Security Act.

“The softer, kinder face”?

Less “millennial mind”, more galaxy brain

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@max @stephanlivera True dat. We can help noobs go much further with just a BIP39 passphrase + redundant backups than with complex multisig setups. Few.

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